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When I was at grammar school in the late 70's I recall enjoying PE very much indeed.

In the winter we played cricket and rugby whilst in the summer it was athletics and cricket.

Unfortunately one PE teacher met his demise when at the end of the lesson he shouted "Right 5U! All the javelins to me!".

Of particular note was an exchange student from South America by the name of Eduardo Vandegarma. He was an athletic lad and I recall that it was unusual to see a left handed red haired venezuelan spin bowler.

Eduardo secured many cricket victories for the school with secret bowling techniques. His method of spinning the ball was a closely guarded secret.

In fact it was so secret that as fielders we were asked to close our eyes while he ran up to the crease to make a delivery. This cost our wicketkeeper his front teeth as he didn't open his eyes in time and took a painful blow from a quicker delivery.

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