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Google Business Photographs

Many people are now familiar with Google Maps and in particular Google's street view feature.

Street view does what it says on the tin. It gives visitors a panoramic view at ground level of what business and houses looks like on any street that Google has photographed with their camera-mounted truck. This is invaluable to prospective customers who may have never visited you before. This is because they can get familiar with your surroundings if they are driving or walking to your business and they can get also get a feel for your business simply by sitting at a PC or using a mobile device.

The next logical progression has been for Google to roll out Google Business Photographs often called "Street View Inside" which means that customers can see what the inside of your business looks like.

The applications are endless:

  • Retail businesses can give customers a feel of what the layout of their shop is like
  • Restaurants can show diners what the interior is like
  • Hotels can show a typical room
  • and more…

Having Google Business Photos greatly enhance your listing appears in search engine results. If you have a Google + Local presence then internet searchers will be prompted to "See photos" and "See inside" which will make your business stand out from the competition like this… 

Clicking on "See inside" takes you here where you begin your panoramic tour and walk through.

Hover your mouse over the image below and then click on the arrows towards the bottom of the image to experience a panoramic walk through.

Click on the arrows on the icon that looks like a compass in the top left corner of the image to turn or pan around.

As well as putting "Street View Inside" on your Google + Local page we can add it straight to your web pages as well. This means anyone who visits your website will be able to have a walk through your premises. You can even send out email newsletters inviting customers and prospects to see the inside of your business.

DBS work alongside a Google Accredited Photographic Agency (only a few professional photographers have been selected by Google) and we can arrange a panoramic photo shoot for your business with 10% off..

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