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Domain name services

A domain name is your unique name and address on the internet.

Domain suffixes can generally tell us where an organisation is located and if the organisation is a business or not.

.co.uk and .com are examples of businesses
.org is an example of domains for non-profit organisations.

Should I register the .co.uk and .com of my business name?

Yes - absolutely. If you were only to register the .co.uk version of your domain then a competitor could register the .com of your business and point it at their own website.

How would you feel if your customers tried to reach you but ended up on your competitor's site? This has happened to several of our clients. You need to protect yourself if you haven't done so.

Should I register a dashed domain that says what I do?

If you think no-one can remember your domain eg:

  • www.fotheringtonthomasassociatessolicitorsllp.co.uk

you could register:

  • www.essexlaw.co.uk

and point it at your website - you can have any number of domains pointing at your website. The major benefit here is that a client can remember your web address easily.

What do I do if I find someone has registered my domain name?

Firstly you should contact us. We will walk you through the steps you need to take to restore ownership to your organisation.

Many of our web design and internet marketing clients choose DBS to register domain names on their behalf as it keeps everything under one umbrella.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation discussion of your domain name registration needs.


£14.99 + VAT.co.uk 1 year
£29.99 + VAT.com 1 year

Terms and conditions of UK domain name registration

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