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YouTube is a worldwide website for sharing videos.


Users of YouTube can upload, view and share videos with each other. You can still watch videos even if you are not a registered user, but you need to be registered in order to upload videos.

YouTube is good for uploading videos about your business and the services it provides, as it can be easier to communicate through videos than through written text.

All YouTube registered users are able to upload videos of up to 15 minutes in length, but those with a good record may be able to upload videos of unlimited length.

People can also view your YouTube videos on your company's website. Each YouTube video has a unique piece of coding which can be embedded into your web pages. Once the code is embedded then your YouTube videos will "stream" straight into your website.

Having video on your website is a good way of making your pages more "sticky", ie. if people are watching your videos, they are likely to stay on your site for longer. The length of time that visitors spend on your web pages is one of the factors that Google uses in ranking websites.

DBS Internet Marketing can create a YouTube channel for your business with your logo on which you can use to upload your videos to. DBS can also add a YouTube logo to your webpage to enable people to click directly to your YouTube channel.

You can seen an example of a YouTube channel here:

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