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Facebook is the second most accessed website on the planet, beaten only by Google.

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With more and more people accessing Facebook on the move, it is now far more than just a way to keep in touch, but also a huge source of information. It has effectively become a "catch all" site.

The important role that social media plays has been demonstrated many times, perhaps most notably for its contribution in the events of the Arab Spring.

Facebook has come a long way from being a site for college students only, with many businesses now having their own Facebook page. Individuals can "like" your business page, which will then be displayed on their Facebook wall and on their friends' newsfeeds, giving your page publicity to their network.

People who "like" your Facebook business page will see your updates on their newsfeed.

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It is free to have a Facebook page and you can add your own messages, photos, videos and links to your page. You can also create events and invite people who like your page to them.

DBS Internet Marketing can:

  • Set up a corporate Facebook page for your company that will look similar to this. It will contain your company logo
  • Add the Facebook logo to your website's home page - clicking on the logo will then take people to your Facebook page

The following are examples of clients Facebook business pages:

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