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DBS Print Case Study - Toymaster

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Client: Toymaster
Contact: Ian Edmunds - Operations Director
Business Type: Toy Retailer
Based In: Over 230 independent toy shops throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland

How did you hear about DBS?

One of our board of directors recommended DBS when we made a decision to assist our branded members by advertising in both the Yellow Pages and BT Phone Book. The director concerned had worked with DBS previously.

Why did you decide to use them?

We needed a specialist directory advertising agency with a good track record and the organisational skills to develop a programme from scratch using our database of branches. DBS fitted this bill perfectly.

How does the process work?

DBS co-ordinate the booking of all directory advertising. By using our database, DBS have developed a plan based on when directories publish and the number of branches physically located within particular directory areas. We don't meet with directory sales representatives. After the bookings are made DBS forward proofs to us in manageable batches for our approval. This is a particularly important step as, with any revolving programme, store details do change. Once we have approved the advertisements then DBS deals directly with the publisher on our behalf.

How do you benefit personally by using DBS?

DBS perform an important task for Toymaster at a fraction of the cost of an additional employee, which we would need if this task were not outsourced.

Why would you recommend DBS to other companies?

DBS perform an excellent service. Not only do they make the advertising of over 200 stores easily manageable for us, the staff at DBS are friendly and knowledgeable.

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