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DBS Print Case Study - Morrisons Solicitors

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Client: Morrisons Solicitors
Contact: Gill Hynard - Practice Director
Business Type: Solicitors
Based In: Raynes Park - London, Redhill, Woking

How did you hear about DBS?

I was working with a marketing company on another project and asked if they could help me with my Yellow Pages advertising. They referred me to DBS who they regarded as the specialists in this field.

Why did you decide to use them?

I had a preliminary meeting with one of the partners of DBS. David Clarke went through all of our directory advertising. DBS's proposals and layouts saved a significant amount of unnecessary expenditure in our Yellow Pages advertising programme. It impressed me that DBS had done their homework beforehand. I decided to go ahead and use DBS as it represented a huge savings of time and hassle for me.

How does the process work?

It works well because DBS do all the work but I remain in control. Whenever I receive an advertising sales solicitation I refer them directly to DBS. They obtain the details and "sift the wheat from the chaff". If I decide to go ahead with an advert DBS provides proofs via email very promptly. After I have approved an advert DBS deals directly with the publisher on our behalf.

DBS keep a summary of our programme and expenditure which I choose to see on a monthly basis. DBS also monitor precisely the results that each individual advert produces so that we can eliminate unprofitable adverts. Besides managing Yellow Pages,, Thomsons and BT Phone Book, DBS also provide one off adverts for journals, programmes, law directories etc. Morrisons advertising message is kept consistent across all media by DBS

How do you benefit personally by using DBS?

I have more time which I can put to use in more profitable tasks.

Why would you recommend DBS to other companies?

I know from my experience in dealing with DBS that they will save time,
money and a lot of stress.

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