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DBS Print Case Study - Martin Kaye

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Client: Martin Kaye
Contact: Graham Davies - Senior Partner
Business Type: Solicitors
Based In: Telford

How did you hear about DBS?

I had a meeting with DBS in 2000 which resulted in them preparing artwork for our yellow pages advertising programme. Two things stuck in my mind. Firstly, DBS saved me a considerable amount of money and secondly the adverts they prepared really worked. When our yellow pages area split and BT entered the market place with a new classified directory I contacted DBS as I felt I needed their expertise.

Why did you decide to use them?

The service DBS offers represents a huge saving of time and hassle for me. They also took away the confusion that can be generated when one or more commissioned based sales representatives are vying for our advertising purse. It made business sense to us to outsource to DBS and have one simplified point of contact.

How does the process work?

Basically DBS do the work but I remain in control. When Martin Kaye is approached by advertising companies they are referred to DBS who obtain the necessary information and present it to me. If I proceed with an ad then DBS emails proofs to me in a very timely fashion. After I have approved an advert DBS deals directly with the publisher on our behalf.

DBS keep track of our advertising expenditure which is emailed to me each month in the form of a spreadsheet. DBS also monitor precisely the results that each individual advert produces so that we can eliminate unprofitable adverts. This has proved to extremely beneficial. Besides managing Yellow Pages,, and the BT Phone Book, DBS also provide one off adverts for journals, programmes, law directories etc. Martin Kaye's advertising message is kept uniform in all media by DBS. I have also been impressed by DBS when publishers have made errors. DBS have been very effective in obtaining compensation for us.

How do you benefit personally by using DBS?

I save time and money.

Why would you recommend DBS to other companies?

It has always been clear to me how important it is to DBS to provide a high standard of customer service.

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