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DBS Print Case Study - AW Lymn

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Client: A.W.Lymn
Contact: Jackie Lymn Rose - Director
Business Type: Funeral Directors
Based In: 22 branches in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

How did you hear about DBS?

We were one of DBS's first clients in 1995. Their initial approach was via telephone.

Why did you decide to use them?

We had always had problems with Yellow Pages in terms of artwork and errors. We were glad to hand this task over to a company who were obviously experts. DBS managed our Yellow Pages advertising to begin with but as our confidence grew in them, we handed over responsibility for all our printed advertising.

How does the process work?

I remain in control but DBS do all the work. When I receive the annual call from directory sales representatives I refer them to DBS who deal with it all for me. We also place numerous adverts in church diaries, parish magazines, newspapers etc. DBS have a system whereby I email a new job to them. Within a very short timescale I receive a proof by email. When I have approved this, DBS forward the artwork to the relevant publisher. To avoid confusion each job is allocated an order number. DBS also keep a summary for me which tracks every advert I have placed and the associated costs.

How do you benefit personally by using DBS?

Sorting out our company's advertising was a nightmare for me and it took up a huge amount of my time. DBS have saved me that time and a lot of stress.

Why would you recommend DBS to other companies?

We have used DBS for 10 years. The are a reputable, organised company with high standards of customer care.

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