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Media Management - Advertising Management - The Benefits

  • You will have one point of contact for all media management and advertising management
  • You can refer all advertising solicitations to us - never take another advertising sales call again
  • We'll negotiate hard to get the best rates for you
  • We do all the work and you get it cheaper
  • We help you stick to a budget
  • You will never be pressured by last minute deadlines again - it's our job to make things go smoothly
  • Your branding, image and message will be consistent across all media
  • Get all advertising paperwork off your desk - let us deal with it for you
  • Massive time savings - put an end to "lost opportunity time"
  • Save money by eliminating unprofitable adverts
  • Don't waste money by being talked into advertising in the wrong places
  • We'll keep track of your advertising costs for you
  • We'll track the response from your adverts
  • You'll be ahead of your competition in terms of enquiries from the web
  • No nasty surprises when you receive a design bill - you pay us a pre-determined monthly fee
  • You won't be tied into a long contract - if you decide our service is not for you just give us 30 days written notice
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