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Printed Directory Advertising Agency

DBS helps businesses achieve the right balance between printed directory advertising and internet advertising. Our print services are complemented by the web design and marketing side of our business to give the complete service to small and medium sized businesses.

We all know that the trend is going away from "ink on paper" advertising to the internet. Having said that the amount of enquiries our clients receive from printed directory advertising is still very significant indeed.

If you would appreciate having one point of contact instead of dealing with several directory advertising sales reps then you may be interested in our advertising management service.

When you talk to DBS you'll find that we have a common sense down to earth approach to your directory advertising needs. We are not paid a commission by Yellow Pages, Thomson or the Phone Book from BT so you can rely on our advice as being totally impartial.

We are big believers in monitoring the response from individual adverts. Our philosophy is "if you can't measure it - you can't manage it". We are still amazed after 20 years that people don't take this simple concept on board. Our clients measure response by 0800, 0845 or area call numbers. We assign a unique number to each advert that does not appear anywhere else. That way we can tell you exactly each month which adverts are working and which aren't. We even provide a cost per enquiry.

We appreciate that your time is precious and so we offer a complete advertising management solution.

DBS is uniquely positioned to help you. Because of our 20 years experience in printed directory advertising we are usually able to free up money from directories such as Yellow Pages and The Phone Book to cover web site design and internet marketing.

Our client base has grown mainly by referral and we offer a specialist service to solicitors and funeral directors.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

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