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Who visited my website?

As a business you are always looking for more quality leads.

So you've made a website and spent money on getting people to come and see it.

That's how you get leads right – you just sit back and watch the money roll in – err – well not exactly.

Even though people visit your website if they don't make contact you never know who they are.

If you can't convert visitors to leads and sales it doesn't matter how many visitors your site has.

All you can do is sit tight and wait for people to call you.

Typically only 2% of your website's visitors will make contact with you which means 98% of your visitors come to your website, look around and then leave without a trace.

DBS shows its clients who the 98% of people were and give you accurate up to date contact information as well as training you in the best way to subtly approach these "lost" visitors

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