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Twitter advertising

Twitter has over 200 million active users. DBS helps businesses harness the power of Twitter advertising by encouraging more followers, reaching a wider group of users and promoting the trends relevant to your business.

SME's can advertise on Twitter to get their message in front of more of the right people, create conversations and drive marketing results.

With Twitter advertising you only pay when users "engage" by either clicking on one of your Tweets, retweeting, replying or making one of your Tweets a favourite.

How does Twitter advertising benefit me?

Without Twitter advertising you can only reach people who have chosen to follow you on Twitter.

With Twitter advertising you can reach a much wider audience.

There are 3 ways that DBS can promote your business with Twitter advertising:

Promoted accounts

When you see an ad like the one below a business has paid to encourage you to "follow" and become part of their audience.

Promoted accounts

Promoted Tweets

You can pay to advertise one of your Tweets to reach a wider group of users (and get more followers!) or to spark engagement from your existing followers.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted trends

Hashtags (#) are used to group Tweets about the same thing. You can use Twitter advertising to promote a hashtag to all of the Twitter community.

Promoted trends

To find out how DBS can leverage the power of Twitter advertising for your business talk to Julie Priestley of DBS Internet Marketing on FREEPHONE 0800 988 8366 or

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