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Display Retargeting & Remarketing

Ever been on a website and then, a few days later, seen a banner advert for the very same website whilst you were surfing elsewhere?

It's not a coincidence - it's a powerful internet marketing technique called "retargeting" or "remarketing".

If you've fought to get visitors to your website then why not maximise your chances of converting visitors into customers?

DBS can serve ads to anyone who has visited your website and not converted into a customer. Your website's visitors are "followed around" by your adverts on subsequent sites they visit. We have a great degree of control as to where we serve your retargeting ads in terms of the type of site and the geographical location of your website's visitors. This makes retargeting very cost effective.

The chances are that 90% or more of your web traffic currently leaves your site without a trace and this represents a huge proportion of lost business. With a re-targeting campaign from DBS Internet Marketing, we will be able to display retargeting ads elsewhere on the internet for up to 30 days after they've left your site. This form of advertising serves as a persuasive reminder that your lost visitors should re-consider going back on to your site.

Even if your targeting adverts aren't clicked a powerful branding exercise has taken place and you remain on the "tip of the brain" of your prospects.

Retargeting acts in your favour for prospects who are in the sales/quotation process. When prospects constantly see your company's ads while they are "making their minds up" they are being reminded of you at the crucial time in the sales cycle.

As well as the web DBS can remarket your company on Facebook.

Most people are logged in to Facebook on the devices they use to browse the web such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

After someone visits your website we can place your retargeting adverts straight onto their own Facebook page.

Facebook retargeting ads can have one or multiple images, a video or even a product reel where you can showcase up to 5 products or services.

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