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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and Management

In order for your business to grow and increase its revenue, your website needs to be seen more online.

The idea behind pay per click advertising is simple. Businesses bid on search terms (known as keywords) so that they will appear at the top of Google search results, above the mapped listings and the organic listings.

However, it is very easy for businesses to waste hundreds of pounds each month with Pay Per Click by falling into the traps that Google set. That is where our pay per click management comes in. We manage your account to make sure that doesn't happen, and aim to get the best results we can for your business from your Pay Per Click advertising – squeezing as much as possible from your daily budget to maximise results.

DBS are a professional qualified pay per click company. Our pay per click team are experienced and highly qualified, being Google Partners and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

We carry out thorough keyword research to make sure your ads appear for all searches related to your business, giving you the best possible chance of being seen by someone who is looking for your products and services.

When DBS set up and manage your Pay Per Click campaigns you can feel safe in the knowledge that:

  1. Your account will be set up to get the maximum traffic and sales
  2. We will monitor your PPC campaign to make sure we are achieving pre-agreed key performance indicators such as return on investment or lead generation to make the most profit for your business
  3. We will make sure that we implement the very latest updates and innovations to maximise your company's exposure
  4. You get instant advice, help and support over the phone or in person from a fully qualified, dedicated PPC account manager
  5. Frequent in-depth reporting with feedback and support
  6. As Google Partners we can offer new advertisers £75 worth of clicks.

Please watch our video above for a 90 second explanation of our pay per click advertising management service.

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What to do next?

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What differentiates pay per click advertising from other forms of marketing is the ability to target individuals with a very specific and current need.

Someone looking for an employment lawyer in Leamington Spa can have the relevant ad displayed instantly and there is no cost to the advertiser unless the searcher clicks through to their website. If the searcher does click through - and this is the other important point about this form of advertising - you will know they have a keen interest and are ready to enquire further.

DBS Set up and manage our pay per click advertising - it's by far the most cost effective method of advertising we use. Last month, we converted 6 out of 8 enquiries received via the internet.

You have the ability to pause, resume or stop campaigns at a moment's notice.

Our service encompasses the following:


Our initial efforts will be spent in developing keyphrases that potential clients may type in a Google, Yahoo or MSN search - such as our earlier employment lawyer in Leamington Spa example. There is no disadvantage in having a large selection of keyphrases - only the ones people click through on are the ones you pay for. Some of the keywords will be logical ones but we have tools that can show us all of the related searches made on search engines in the last calendar month that are relevant to your business. Sometimes the phrases and language you use is not the same as your customers and clients.

Advert Development

We will develop the adverts to be used. The two components to this are the title and the description. Successful adverts have the keywords repeated in the title. Therefore it will be of little value to have one generic advert but rather multiple adverts pertaining to all the specific areas your business covers. The description copy which follows the headline is also important in getting people to click through. It needs to be factual, honest and relevant to what the individual has typed into the search box.

Landing Pages

Many beginners at PPC have their potential customers directed to the homepage of their website. This is a mistake; your visitors need to get to the part of your website that relates to their search. If our earlier searcher for employment lawyer in Leamington Spa clicks on the ad then they should be taken straight to the relevant page on the site ie employment page or even Industrial Tribunal page - anything less and you risk losing your potential customer at this stage.

Call To Action

Once a potential client is on your page you need to give them a 'call to action' such as requesting a call back, submitting an enquiry by email. You will reduce your chances of success by only saying "for further details call us on…".

Campaign Implementation

The next stage involves setting up an account with the appropriate service provider (Google, Yahoo and MSN); going through the bidding process for the keyphrases you have identified and then initiating the campaign. Part of this will involve setting a budget - initially you may decide on a small amount - you can change this at any time.

Campaign Monitoring

DBS will monitor and report monthly on your campaign results. One of the benefits of this form of marketing is that everything can be measured - number of times your ad gets shown, number of click throughs to your website, clients resulting etc. DBS will track which keyphrases are generating the best return for you to enable you to maximise your return on investment.


The fee to operate this service includes a set up fee and a monthly management fee.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

Working with third parties

As DBS Internet Marketing primarily serves small to medium-sized clients we are required to provide the Google Disclosure Notice.

...and finally

Please Note: It's not possible to guarantee a specific ad position on search results pages. AdWords ad position is determined by an auction and changes dynamically with every new search.

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