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Online Reputation Management

The advent of the internet has meant that nearly all buying decisions are now made online.

The advent of the social web means your customers carry out conversations online.

Using the DBS Online Reputation Management service we give vital information to our clients about online conversations that include:

  1. your business name
  2. your brand name
  3. your product names
  4. your competitors' business names
  5. your competitors' brand names
  6. your competitors' product names
  7. your personal name
  8. your website and blog name
  9. names of employees who spend time online on behalf of your business
  10. nicknames, acronyms or other words used to refer to your business, brand or products

Monitoring your online reputation starts with finding the conversations that are happening. DBS do this for your business using a wide range of personalised alerts and software.

Online reputation management is not just about pinpointing negative comments about you - although we do flag these to you and offer advice in responding to criticisms and inaccuracies.

When we listen to conversations online that involve your business and its products/services you have a very important power of choice. You can let conversations and online content flow or nudge the conversation in the right direction. This dovetails perfectly with our content marketing service that drives traffic, enquiries and customers to you.

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