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Music & Message On Hold that’s tailor made for your business

We did some analysis and found:

  • 70% of business callers are placed on hold or transferred
  • 70% will hang up after 30 seconds on hold if they hear silence
  • 34% of callers who hang up after being on hold will never call back

Your customers and prospects need to hear upbeat music and a professionally recorded message when they are on hold for 3 good reasons:

  1. It immediately gives a professional image that sets you apart
  2. It cross sells and upsells in what would otherwise be dead time
  3. It shortens the perception of time spent on hold which reduces caller abandonment

Listen to our samples of Music & Message On Hold:

DBS Internet Marketing

Ringrose Solicitors

Hampsons Recovery

How does it work?

The Music

DBS has put together a selection of Royalty Free Music composed by professional musicians for you:

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 7

The Voice

DBS has two voice over artists – male and female.

Both are actors and feature in these samples:

DBS Internet Marketing

Ringrose Solicitors

Hampsons Recovery

The Message

Person Dialling on Phone

Don’t worry – we do all this for you.

Using our business as a guinea pig we experimented with different scripts to get the best method.

We found that the best scripts follow this pattern:

  • Always under 60 seconds
  • Have the best stuff right at the beginning of the message – most callers won’t be on hold for long
  • Don’t say “Welcome – this is ABC Company” - they know who you are (they just dialled your number)
  • Promote new products and special offers
  • Highlight your company’s achievements
  • Encourage callers to visit your website
  • Have strong calls to action eg ask your account manager about XYZ offer
  • Don't feel you have to mention your core services in your script – most callers will know what they are all ready – use lesser known services that people might not know about. Checkout the opening few seconds of DBS's Music & Message On Hold for an example. It grabs your attention right away:

What happens next?

  • Call Julie Priestley on 01522 811688 or 0800 988 8366 and he will help you identify the key areas to tell your customers about while they are on hold
  • Our professional copywriters will then produce a script for you to approve
  • Choose from our selection of royalty free music tracks to provide a background to your message
  • Decide if you want male voice only, female voice only or combined female & male voice
  • We will record the script and our technical department will mix it with the music to transform it into a high quality production
  • We will talk to your phone system supplier or IT department and make sure the music and message sound file is in the right format for your phone system
  • We’ll work with your phone system supplier or IT department to get the sound file loaded up
  • You will given a copy of the sound files for your peace of mind
  • Our agreement will be a 12 month one with up to 2 script changes per year
  • We will give any support needed

What will it cost?

It costs £45+VAT per month on a 12 month agreement with up to 2 script changes per year.

Payment by direct debit.

No set up fees.

A 30 day cancellation period after the initial 12 month period applies.

What do I next?

For more information on how to maximise your customers and prospects on hold experience ring Julie Priestley on 0800 988 8366 or

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Grantham 01476 468024
Lincoln 01522 811688
Newark 01636 499647
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