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Top 8 SEO Tips For SMEs

With Google declaring war on SEO (search engine optimisation) it has become harder and harder for websites to grasp the top spots on Google.

What options do SMEs have if they can no longer "game" their way to the top of Google?

Julie Priestley, director of DBS Internet Marketing shows businesses 8 proven ways to get more traffic and clients.

1. Optimise every page on your website

In most cases your website's home page will be the most highly visited. However, don't make the mistake of concentrating all of your optimisation efforts on the home page. Treat every page as a potential landing page for your existing clients and prospects. Optimisation of each page should involve keyword research to make sure that the keywords people actually type into search engines are reflected in the wording on your pages and also in the coding (known as meta data) that sits behind them.

2. Claim and optimise Google mapped listings

Mapped listings, like the ones below, often outrank natural listings in Google with only pay per click listings appearing above them. It's really important to claim the mapped listings for all of your offices and optimise them thoroughly to take advantage of the superior ranking they afford.

3. Pay per click advertising

If you have attempted any pay per click marketing you will know that the cost of just a single click can be expensive. Don't be too put off by this and carry out keyword research to identify less competitive "longer tail" keywords. It's highly likely that you can still run successful, profitable pay per click campaigns using less obvious keywords and limiting your campaigns to the postcodes in your target geographical area. Seasonal campaigns can be very effective.

4. Shadow your visitors with retargeting

Ever been on a website and then, a few days later, seen a banner advert for the very same website whilst you were surfing elsewhere? It's not a coincidence - it's a powerful technique called "retargeting" or "remarketing". Retargeting "follows around" and serves your adverts to anyone who has visited your website on a network of thousands of sites in the UK. You can easily exclude your own staff from being retargeted. It's wise to control the number of times a day that people are shown your firm's retargeting ads so they don't feel stalked.

5. Retargeting on Facebook

Facebook users usually stay logged into Facebook on PC's, laptops and mobile devices. When a prospect visits your website then you can display retargeting adverts directly in their Facebook page. Facebook retargeting is a powerful reminder to Facebook users that they should re-consider going back onto your site.

6. Content marketing

"Content is King" is still the maxim. Your website should be a curator of content that informs, supports and entertains your clients and prospects. Your content needs to be pushed out daily by social media posts that link back to your website.

Providing content that people engage with by liking, sharing, commenting on and linking to will:

  • drive more traffic and enquiries to you
  • promote and strengthen your business brand
  • help you in search engines as you will naturally attract links and social media activity which are ranking factors on Google

"If a competitor appears smarter, more interesting or more reliable than you, your buyers will reach out to them first and not you. FACT!"

7. Social media marketing

Sorry but Facebook and Twitter aren't just for kids. Social media marketing is a massive opportunity for SME's. When people sign up for Facebook they readily give important information. The things that they like, share and talk about are also picked up by Facebook and Twitter.

Savvy agencies can process this information to your firm's advantage by pinpointing your target market in terms of geographical area and demographics.

Using Facebook marketing SME's can build their followers and display targeted ads straight into their target market's Facebook pages. The same applies to Twitter.

8. LinkedIn marketing

When you sign up for a LinkedIn account you are putting your CV online which includes job role / title and much more. Savvy agencies can interrogate LinkedIn to find the perfect target market to and place targeted adverts directly on their LinkedIn page.

The Great British Public is more internet savvy than it ever was and it's been said that prospects are "touched" on an average of 6-8 occasions by your marketing efforts before they make initial contact with you.

In the "olden days" of SEO one of the top sources of enquires for your business was probably:
" I did a search on Google and there you were"

If you take advantage of the latest SEO techniques it's likely that your prospective clients will not be able to give a precise answer when you ask them how they heard about you. They will have been surrounded by your online marketing material and will have it in their heads that your business is the one to turn to.

Please talk to Julie Priestley on Freephone 0800 988 8366 or 01522 811688 for a free no obligation discussion of your needs.

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