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15 Reasons to use Professional Web Developers

Your company's website is your shop window to the world.

If you get your web design wrong in terms of its look, feel and functionality, you will drive prospects and customers away.

Why would anyone risk something so fundamental to their business by investing in a cheap website or using free web design software?

The cost savings sound great on the face of it - especially in a harsh economic environment, but we've given fifteen reasons below to use a professional web design company rather than buy cheap or free web software (or use your brother in law).

Professional web design companies...

1. ...are there for support at all times

You may have seen TV adverts to build your own website for £9.99 per month.

Web based design packages typically don't come with any support - you are left completely on your own to do it yourself.

When things go wrong, and you are stuck and don't know what to do, you suddenly find that may have no-one to ask for help by phone or by email. You could end up scrapping the whole project and starting over with a professional web development company.

A professional web development company however will provide support for you and be at the end of the phone if there is a problem.

With a web-based design package, you don't own the website. This will make it difficult to move the site at a later date.

A web-based package also heavily restricts you to rigid, predefined templates.

A professional web design company will custom build a website to suit your needs.

2. ...will make your website "mobile friendly"

Your clients and prospects now expect to find out about your services on their mobile devices, whether they're sitting on a train or at home in front of the TV.

The number of people using their mobile devices to access the internet is growing incredibly fast and it is predicted that it will soon overtake surfing the internet on a desktop PC.

A massive problem for many businesses is that they aren't prepared for this. Their websites don't display properly on mobile devices which means that their clients and prospects have to scroll around horizontally and vertically, or "pinch" the screen to see their web pages.

All websites need to be mobile friendly.

A professional web design company should be able to offer this as standard. This means that they will make your website intelligent enough to know what size screen is being used to view it on so that it will automatically adjust to fit it perfectly.

3. ...are backed up by a full online marketing department

The launch of a website should be the start of your business relationship with your web design company, not the end.

Websites need to be built with search engines in mind in order to drive traffic and enquiries your way, and if you are transitioning from an old website to a new website, this also needs to be done with search engines in mind.

Look for a company that is a Google Partner.

As well as optimising your website correctly, professional web design companies should be able to offer you services such as Pay Per Click Advertising, Retargeting, Social Media and Content Marketing to drive traffic and enquiries your site.

4. ...are a one-stop-shop offering hosting, email set up & hosting, email letterhead and newsletters

A professional web development company can be a one stop shop.

Websites have to live somewhere – this is called web hosting. Web hosting should be fast, secure and reliable and competitively priced. Host your website with your developers keeps everything under one umbrella.

Your web company should be able to set up and host email accounts and create email letterhead to go with it. A professional email letterhead is designed to reflect the look and feel of your website.

A web company ought to be able to design HTML newsletters based on the look and feel of your website. They should also be able to distribute to your customers and provide you with online real time delivery statistics. Newsletters can be used to cross sell and upsell and are great for brand awareness.

5. ...make websites fully compliant with all legal accessibility requirements

Staying compliant with ever changing legal requirements can be a minefield.

A reputable web company will make sure your site is Standards Compliant, has a cookie and privacy policy and also meets the legal accessibility requirements.

6. "future-proofed" websites

It is important when creating a website for your business that modern, clean coding is used so that you are future-proofed, rather than being stuck with out dated technology.

If a design company has used old technology it may prove difficult to make it mobile friendly.

7. ...have experienced copy writers on hand to help you

Google favours websites with high quality, well written copy.

This makes your site looks professional as well as being informative.

Remember, if a competitor appears smarter, more interesting or more reliable than you, your buyers will reach out to them first and not you.

Writing can be a stumbling block for many business owners but a good web company will have an in-house team of copywriters.

8. ...make sites "search engine friendly"

Websites should be fully optimised for search engines.

Your site should have custom crafted meta data, including page titles and page descriptions, as well as good, unique content.

Your web company should submit a sitemap to Google that they know the site exists.

9. ...create social media accounts for your business

An "on the ball" web design company will set up facebook, twitter, google+ and linkedin accounts that are branded for your business.

They can make social media accounts "search engine friendly" so that they drive traffic to you.

Sounds obvious but your web pages need to display your social media accounts and link out to them.

10. ...can create a content management system for your site

Having a content management system (cms) means that you can make your own changes to your website in real time without having any web developments skills. If you are able to use Microsoft Word, you should be able to log on and make changes.

You can have cms for every page of your site or just areas that frequently change like news and events.

11. ...train you and key staff members on how to use content management systems and social media

If you have never a cms before then it will be of huge benefit to you to be trained on how to use it. A professional web development company will offer this as standard.

Likewise, if you have never used social media before, it can all appear to be very confusing and scary. A professional web developer can explain how to use social media and show you the potential – they may be able to do it all for you also.

12. ...integrate Google Maps into your contact us page

If you put a Google map on your site your visitors can type in their postcode and get full driving directions to your business premises.

They can also access Google Street View so if they have never been to your premises before they can check out how it looks so that they don't drive past it, and can figure out where the nearest parking is.

A good web design company can also add a QR Code to a website's Contact Us page, so that visitors to your business can scan it with their smart phone and have all your contact details saved straight to their mobile.

13. ...give websites strong calls to action

A website shouldn't just be an online brochure. It should have strong calls to action such as "request a brochure" and "arrange a callback" to encourage interactivity and lead generation.

Your web designer should offer these as standard as they are a provider of hot leads!

14. ...offer robust hosting

Robust hosting is incredibly important because if your website is down for any length of time you will lose business.

Beware of cheap hosting as safeguards may not be in place.

15. ...fully backup your website on a daily basis

A lot of people don't even think about backing up their websites - they think that someone else will do this for them, but they won't unless you are paying them to.

If you have a professional web design company backing up your website on a daily basis your site can be up and running again quickly and smoothly.

If you only do a weekly backup, you could lose as much as 7 days worth of data from your website, which for many companies would be irrecoverable.

A good web development will carry out an automated backup of your website on a daily basis and keep the backups off site.

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