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About us

100% employee owned DBS is a strong, well-established, award winning, hard working and dedicated team underpinned by these core values


Customer service

  • Do what we say we are going to do
  • Always available
  • Reliable
  • Good communication
  • Get results
  • Meet deadlines
  • Respond quickly to our clients
  • Know our clients' needs
  • Personal service

Cutting edge

  • Experienced
  • Flexible
  • Knowledgeable
  • Qualified
  • Responsive to change
  • Thirsty to learn
  • Committed to training and development


Ethics and morals

  • Honest in our dealings
  • Treat others like we would like to be treated
  • Take responsibility for errors
  • Not hard sell – recommend the right products / services to our clients

DBS History

Nottingham born David Clarke founded DBS in California in 1986.

DBS actually stands for "Directory Business Services" and gives a bit of a clue about the company's beginnings.

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DBS began life as a Yellow Pages Advertising Agency. Many business owners in California were unhappy with the pressure that was applied to them by Yellow Pages sales reps, the quality of the artwork supplied by publishers and, in general, the whole admin process.

DBS spotted a niche in the marketplace which they were able to fill.

Initially the company based its fees on a percentage of savings they could achieve for their customers but quickly identified Yellow Pages customers with a large spend who were happy to pay a monthly retainer for DBS to take care of all of their directory advertising.

The philosophy then was quite simple - our clients stayed in charge but we did all the work.

DBS hopes this most basic of philosophies still applies today.

David returned to his native UK in 1994 with his family after selling DBS privately in the USA.

Initially David didn't want to be self-employed and went for the stability of a job with Yellow Pages in the UK.

The gripes and grumbles he heard from his Yellow Pages customers in the UK were identical to the ones he had heard in the USA. There was definitely a gap in the marketplace for DBS to be introduced into the UK.

After spending almost 2 years with Yellow Pages David and his partner founded DBS in the UK in 1996.

The business started in a small bedroom in David's home and then moved briefly to commercial premises in Navenby, Lincolnshire before relocating to a farmhouse where raising a family and running a business ran side by side for 10 years.

Whilst at the farm David recognised that the medium of directory advertising would be overtaken by the internet and he immersed himself in internet marketing. DBS found themselves well placed as by this time they were helping many businesses budget for Yellow Pages, BT Phone Book and Thomsons.

DBS were in a position to be able to help their clients gradually transfer their marketing budgets from printed directory advertising into internet based marketing. The services DBS offered quickly grew to cover all aspects of web design, online marketing and social media.

Today DBS Internet Marketing runs from commercial offices in Lincolnshire where we are proud to receive visitors.

Whilst at the farm several clients asked DBS if they could supply 0800 numbers for their yellow pages adverts. DBS set themselves up as telecoms number dealers and began to offer numbers for sale online.

Because of their knowledge of internet marketing DBS rapidly climbed up search engines and had to employ extra staff to cope with online orders for 0800, 0844 and 0845 numbers. The DBS telecoms customer database quickly grew and drew the attention of other telecoms companies.

In November 2011 Chess Telecom acquired DBS Telecoms customer database for a substantial sum. This gave DBS great stability and allowed them to focus on their core activities of web design, online marketing and social media.

In June 2017 DBS became a 100% employee owned company. Julie Priestley stepped up as director as David began to step back from the business. With Julie at the wheel DBS has received the following awards:

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